Welcome to our news posting link.

Welcome to our new online news center.  We are very excited about the launch of our new website and look forward to sharing regular updates and reports of our activities in the field.

This week TanzSolar received our second large shipment of individual solar lights for our village lighting program.  We completed the distribution of the first container of 5,400 lights just last month.  We ordered a shipment of batteries in March and have been replacing batteries in some of the older lights where the batteries are wearing out.  The batteries in the Nova S100 appear to last between one and two years.

Our first grant from REA, Tanzania’s Rural Energy Agency, was completed in April.  We were very pleased with the results of this grant, and have posted our final report on those activities under the Government Partner section of our website.

In the US we were very pleased with the turnout for our fundraiser at the Berkeley Freight and Salvage, where Taj Mahal and Maria Muldar performed.   It was a good crowd and a wonderful concert, and TanzSolar raised over $3,000.  Two other nonprofit projects also benefited from this event.

Next week: stories from some of the villagers who are using the TanzSolar solar lights.

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