Neutrogena Grant Contest

TanzSolar was selected by Neutrogena as one of 3 Environmental projects to compete for a corporate donation program!  There are 9 projects in total, in 3 categories; Education, Environment and Disaster Recovery.  One project from each category will win the competition and will be awarded 1/3 of the funds raised.

Help us WIN the competition! It’s easy to vote and your vote will help TanzSolar to provide solar electric lighting to rural villagers, replacing the dangerous and highly polluting kerosene lanterns they currently use.

Please vote now!   Just click below and select  “Provide Renewable Energy in Tanzania“.

Neutrogena: Wave for Change

Help us spread the word!  This could be a big boost for TanzSolar and for thousands of villagers with no access to electricity.

Don’t forget to register any qualifying Neutrogena purchases to help raise money for this wonderful program.

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