Solar-Schools Program
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After a series of meetings at Secondary Schools in Rural Musoma, TanzSolar has developed a plan for the solar electric systems which will best serve these students. The youth in rural Musoma have minimal facilities at their schools, and no electricity. On average a school has 475 students, 11 classrooms and 5 teachers. Electricity at one of these schools will make a significant contribution to the education of the several hundred students at this school, and their entire community.

None of the schools in the rural area have electricity, lighting, any computer equipment, internet access or printing capability. Only 6% of the students in Tanzania get to attend secondary school. Often there are not enough teachers to cover the required subjects. It is a big problem for the Musoma area schools that the teachers do not like the rural living conditions and they leave without completing their contracts. Providing solar electricity for the on-campus teacher housing will almost certainly help this school to retain the teachers assigned to their campus.

TanzSolar Solar Schools Program Summary

Photovoltaic system will be sized to power indoor and outdoor lights, computer, internet and printer for school. In addition the on-campus teacher housing will be outfitted with solar electricity and lighting. TanzSolar will provide a training program for the students and teachers, training a new generation about renewable energy while at the same time greatly improving the quality of their educational opportunities.

Expected outcomes

It is expected that the education of the students attending these schools will greatly improve for several reasons. Providing solar power and energy efficient lighting for this secondary school means lighted rooms which will provide the opportunity for many more hours of study for students and teachers alike. With the campus lighted for security, students will be able to return to school in the evenings and work together. With internet access and a computer and printer available new and updated materials can be accessed by teachers and made available to the students. Ultimately we expect this project will result in a marked improvement in the national test scores of these students.


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