Our History

TanzSolar Ltd. is a nonprofit Tanzanian company established in January 2008 for the purpose of improving the quality of life in the rural communities of Tanzania through the introduction of sustainable technologies and modern equipment including renewable energy systems. It was founded by Ms. Marianne Walpert, a US citizen and photovoltaic technology expert, and Mr. Godson Nyange, a Tanzanian attorney based in Dar es Salaam.

The first program established by TanzSolar is a Solar Test Village in Irienyi. This village is recognized by COSTECH as a pilot solar village project. TanzSolar has installed 45 home power systems, using photovoltaic power systems and LED lighting.

Beginning in the end of 2008 TanzSolar began the Rural Village Lighting program. We imported 5400 solar lights and commenced our village market presentations. We have been selling these lights at a discounted price so the villagers can afford them. They have been subsidized by funds raised primarily in the United States. These lights had all been distributed by the end of 2010 and new products are being introduced.

TanzSolar has designed photovoltaic systems for the secondary schools in the Rural Musoma school district, and is currently raising the funds for these installations.


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